Tubular rivet

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Tubular rivets have a cap on one side and a tubular rod on the other side. The caps of these types of rivets are available in different types, such as major cap, head cap, and treasure head cap. Tubular rivets are sometimes made of steel, aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel. Plating and the type of coating of rivets ultimately depends on the needs of the user and the field of work.
Tubular rivets are excellent and economical connectors for connecting work pieces together. The tubular part of the rivet may be used tight or loose (for hinge assembly), depending on the application. These types of rivets are often used for pressing and gluing materials such as leather, plastic, fabric, etc., and there is no need to make holes before riveting.

پرچ لوله ای سر گرد

پرچ لوله ای سر خزینه

پرچ لوله ای سر تخت

The length of the rivet tube should be long enough to pass through the work piece and stay out of the work piece to a sufficient extent so that the riveting operation can be done correctly. The stiffness of the riveted connection is obtained by the force exerted on the end of the compressed rivet and can be easily adjusted.

The following are the advantages of using tubular rivets:

  • در طول فرآیند تولید، تقریبا هیچ ضایعاتی تولید نمی شود.
  • به راحتی جهت اتوماسیون قابل تطبیق است.
  • جایگزینی ارزان قیمت و مقرون به صرفه برای اتصال دهنده های رزوه دار می باشد.
  • پرچ های با طول زیاد می توانند به راحتی بدون خم شدن و یا خم کردن لوله پرچ مورد استفاده قرار گیرند.
  • اتصال دهنده ای دائمی با قدرت اتصال قوی

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